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LDC driving school franchise download brochure

Thank you for taking the time to find out why a franchise with LDC driving schools is so unique and special. This website is designed for qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) who are looking for a detailed understanding of how the LDC driving school franchise works. The website covers each element of the franchise. We believe this to be the best driving instructor franchise deal money can buy – easily better than the AA, BSM and Red. Even better than running your own independent driving school. You are not just an LDC instructor you own and operate your own LDC driving school. In essence you don’t work for us WE WORK FOR YOU.

For more information please read on or download the LDC Franchise PDF brochure opposite.

The first to win the DIA Training School of the year Award

LDC are proud to announce we won the very first Award for Training School of the year in 2016 at the prestigious DIA (Driving Instructors Association) annual awards.

DIA award training school of the year award presented by Gareth Llewellyn CEO of the DVSA

The award was presented by Gareth Llewellyn the CEO of the DVSA to Paul and Gemma McArdle of LDC driving schools at the DIAs annual conference. The award recognises the outstanding quality of the training we provide as voted by their members and verified by an expert panel.

Franchise cost with fully maintained car added

The above fully maintained car examples are all based on 5 door models with air conditioning and eco engine option for good fuel economy. We believe no other franchise can even come close to the value for money offered by LDC that we obtained for our franchisees.

LDC driving school franchise without car

LDC can also help you to purchase a car at significant discounts up to 38% off.

Making Quality Count

No other driver training organisation has a business and training package to rival the quality and professionalism of LDC driving schools. It is this quality and professionalism that has generated, and continues to help generate, the success of each driving instructor in the LDC driving schools network. You could be part of that success and share in the rewards that come from serving the needs of customers at the top end of the driver training market.

We work for you – you don’t work for us

Unlike the other big driving schools we don’t try to control you by channelling all the work and pupil payments through a central call centre or website, we operate a decentralised approach where you benefit from your own success. The other driving schools ensure virtually all sales enquiries and payments go through their office so they can control the supply of work and money to you. In this way they can always be sure of obtaining their franchise fees (no matter what they charge) before passing on any pupil payments to you. They keep tight control of your diary and your pupils so that if you should try to leave, the office staff can easily transfer your pupils to other instructors. And worse still some try to commit you to paying these high fees for up to 3 years under the franchise agreement they get you to sign. Compare this to LDC were after three months paid for franchise you can leave with just a months notice. Each LDC franchise operates their own driving school and diary with the vast majority of the payments going directly to them. In other words irrespective of how the pupil was obtained with an LDC franchise they belong to you, not to us.

Why LDC are different to other national driving schools

Below is a list of the key differences between us and other national driving schools in the UK.


If you are potentially interested in offering top-notch student-centred learning using the unique LD System from your own franchised LDC driving school please give us a call on Free phone 0800 400 777 or email
to receive a call from Michelle our franchise manager.