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The car livery is designed to promote your LDC driving school business. It can be configured in various ways with several different slogans and/or offers. You can even customise the standard car livery with your own slogans and offers. The livery is designed to fit many different vehicles to enable our members to have a wide choice of vehicle for their LDC driving school business. The car is both a valuable way to create awareness of your existence within a particular area as well as a powerful marketing tool – we help you achieve both.


LDCandLDsystemLogolAs a lone instructor it is virtually impossible to create awareness of your brand using just one car. Awareness grows exponentially as more instructors promote the same brand identity – two cars is like having three and three cars is like having six and so on as long as they share the same basic brand identity – which in our case is the LDC logo and the LD System logo. This is the power of team work in action.

MikeToughADI300Mike Tough

“My LDC driving school franchise has been up and running for over a year business is great. I like the way the website generates a great deal of interest as does the personalised logos on my car, they really stand out. I think that is what sets LDC above other companies in selling our business along with their very high standards.”

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HelenSales150If you are potentially interested in offering top-notch student-centred learning using the unique LD System from your own franchised LDC driving school please give us a call on Free phone 0800 400 777 or email
franchise@learnerdriving.com to receive a call from Michelle our franchise manager.