4. Tech Savvy

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To be successful in almost any business needs you to understand how technology and in particular the internet can be utilised to your advantage. We make extensive use of Google Adwords, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc), our software products and apps (mobile and internet) to drive business straight to your LDC driving school website as well as to the LDC main website. Don’t worry if you are not technically minded we have developed the right balance of training and support to make it easy for anyone to utilise. We take away the effort needed to kept ahead of technology.

Your LDC driving school car will have your website address on the front, the back and the sides. We also train you to take full advantage of social media including operating your own Face book business page, Google+ business page and Google maps. In addition we will train you on how to customise your website and use the student and instructor hub features of your website to provide cutting-edge services to your customers (i.e. online Theory, Hazard Perception and of course the LD System).

Each LDC driving school franchisee have their own customisable website (over 40 themed options to choose from).LDCdsWebsiteExamples2Within your website you have your own email agent and business email address, a store to allow your customers to buy materials and lessons online, a students hub section to allow your students access to your online theory test preparation facilities and the incredible LD System. Your website also as an instructor hub section to monitor student progress and run your business. You can monitor the progress of each student – all under your expert guidance. The hub uses the latest dynamic web design methods to enable it to be used on virtually any device (i.e. Smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC).


You can choose to operate a full online diary which can link to the more popular diary products on the market. However, our diary system doesn’t let your customers book appointments in to your diary and they can only see their own appointments from their view. Basically everything you need to manage your business successfully in a digital domain – under your control. Currently nothing in the marketplace comes close to the facilities we can offer to you and that you can offer to your students.

Why LDC driving schools are mega busy

Star95Busy An incredible amount of internet traffic is now being directed to the websites of our LDC driving school owners as well as to the main LDC driving schools website. This is on top of the referral work many of our franchisees are getting because of their professionalism, the LD System resources they provide and the unique training methods they employ (see The Product). Most LDC driving schools have long waiting lists and are very busy. Over 95% of LDC driving schools recently polled by us were either busy or very busy with long waiting lists despite increases in lesson prices. Over three quarters of a million visits to our websites and social media platforms take place each month creating a massive awareness of the unique way in which LDC driving schools operate. Our YouTube channel alone has had over 10 million viewings in the last 12 months with over 145,000 signed up subscribers being automatically notified of any new videos we upload all keen to see why LDC driving school instructors are so unique and special.

Click on link to visit our You Tube channel: www.youtube.com/LDCDrivingSchool

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HelenSales150If you are potentially interested in offering top-notch student-centred learning using the unique LD System from your own franchised LDC driving school please give us a call on Free phone 0800 400 777 or email
franchise@learnerdriving.com to receive a call from Michelle our franchise manager.