2. The Product

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The Product, our main USP (unique selling point), is of course YOU – this is ultimately what we and you are selling. To us you are the most important thing we have to offer. Ultimately it is you who will make your LDC driving school successful. Our job is to provide you with the necessary training, methods, resources, tools, sales services and business advice to help you achieve this goal.

To help you be the best student-centred driver trainer you can be we provide:

  1. The revolutionary LD System for your students to utilise
  2. Training on how to deliver our unique three-hat approach to facilitating student-centred learning
  3. Continued professional development training to grow your skills
  4. Ongoing research and development to maintain your competitive advantage in this regard.

The public are only just waking up to the incredible difference an LDC driving school instructor, with our unique student-centred learning methods and resources, can make. We want both you and the LDC name to be synonymous with providing top-notch student-centred learning using the revolutionary LD System of driving tuition. Below is just one of the thousands of positive comments received about the services our LDC driving schools provide.DarylAinsworth

Student: Daryl Ainsworth
“Hi Iain, the LD system worked wonders for me.  The combination of the DVD and workbook is pure genius.  As an instructor you helped a lot, your patience and personality were amazing.  I would recommend you to like everyone.”

We are looking for people who genuinely care about their students and who are passionate about providing quality student-centred learning. The LDC student-centred learning approach is almost identical to the new client-centred approach now required by the DVSA on the Standards Check, except the concept isn’t new to us as we developed the first student-centred system for learning to drive called the LD System back in 1987 – over 30 years ago.

About the LD System

LDsystemLogoThe LD System is based on over 30 years of perfecting the process of learning to drive. It is designed to empower the student and put them firmly at the centre of the learning process.

It enables them to decide what, where, when and how they might go about this process under your watchful eye and guidance. This is achieved by supplying the student with a workbook and accompanying DVD video programme (and/or access to the online version of the LD System in the students’ Hub section of your LDC driving school website) with encouragement and support from you. LDsystem

The LD System lessons and targets are structured in such a way as to help you match each learning challenge to the students ability which in turn enables the student to experience something called ‘optimal learning flow’ as illustrated below.

The video below shows an example of what optimum learning flow looks like in practice. Claire has already successfully completed a straight line reverse, a reverse left round a corner and a reverse right round a corner in a quiet housing estate with Bob. This is her first trip into the outskirts of the town to complete her first Bay Park lesson.

The LD System is the new ‘client centred’ way to learn to drive. It is the first training system of its kind to meet the new Government initiative to promote client centred training to people learning to drive, except that it isn’t new to LDC, we have been operating this way for the last 30 years. This puts LDC way ahead of the game when it comes to offering modern client centred training methods. The  Standards Check now requires all driving instructors to use ‘client centred’ learning and teaching strategies like those used by LDC for over 30 years now. The LD System provides the ideal vehicle to make this happen and massively increases your chances of obtaining a grade A. Below you can see the end of this Bay Park lesson.

LDC’s unique three-hat approach to client-centred learning

LDC will help you to make the most of the above system by training you in our unique three-hat approach to facilitating student-centred learning. We believe there are three clear roles that the driving instructor should ideally perform – the guardian of safety, the expert adviser/mentor on driving and the empowering coach. With the emphasis now on client-centred learning driving instructors trained by LDC are ideally placed to achieve that all important grade A on the Standards Check. We will show you step-by-step how our student-centred approach dovetails perfectly with what the DVSA now expect from modern instructors on the Standards Check.

Too many driving instructors focus too much attention on telling their pupils what to do, what to think and criticising every little fault they make! This approach only fosters dependency, doubt and blind obedience. This method of learning is not only slower it does little to develop long term safe driving attitudes. The LDC approach on the other hand does, by encouraging self-reliance, confidence and responsibility resulting in safer drivers who learn to drive far more quickly. You will learn how to follow the learners interest, let them get on with the learning naturally and inspire self-trust. As a result you will boost student retention and ‘word-of-mouth’ referral business creating a secure future pipeline of demand for your services.

Continued professional development

Nobody can offer you more and nobody can match our record of success in this regard. LDC operate EDEXCEL, British Safety Council, ORDIT and DVSA Fleet driver training approved training centres.  We are a registered training organisation with the Skills Funding Agency enabling us to bid for and deliver funded training. We are a preferred training supplier to the armed forces career transition partnership scheme and approved by the MOD in support of the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme which provides partly funded training to service men and women leaving the armed forces.

By being with us you will be ready for any changes that might take place within our industry. We can also help you to become a qualified DVSA Fleet approved trainer, EST Eco-safe approved trainer, ORDIT trainer or Teacher and thus potentially earn higher rates of pay. CPDcertificateHolders

Below is a picture of Jo one of our LDC driving school operators receiving her Edexcel Award in Education and Training together with a Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement from Paul McArdle the managing director.


Research and development to ensure you stay at the top

LDC are committed to continually pushing beyond the boundaries in learning science and technology. Nobody invests more and nobody can match our record. At every stage in development of new methods and resources we involve our members to make sure that anything we produce is both practical and relevant to helping them stay at the very top of our profession.


Imagine what it must be like to have LDC in your corner giving you all the back up you need to be one of the very best instructors in the UK.

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HelenSales150If you are potentially interested in offering top-notch student-centred learning using the unique LD System from your own franchised LDC driving school please give us a call on Free phone 0800 400 777 or email franchise@learnerdriving.com to receive a call from Michelle our franchise manager.