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Here are just a few of the hundreds of positive comments we receive about our instructor training course and our franchise method.

Richard Benny – RG postcode

BennyADI300“After doing plenty of homework on the companies available, I chose LDC because the people seemed more interested in me rather than just being another number. The training programme and especially the training material helped me to pass my exams and qualify as an ADI.

After qualifying I opted to stay with LDC as the franchise package couldn’t be bettered..”

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me: www.drivewithrichard.co.uk

Phil Coleman – CH postcode

After plenty of research into becoming a driving instructor I chose to train with LDC. The level of support, training and opportunities that I felt were on offer were key factors in my decision.

I was proven to have made the right choice. The support was there from first point of contact and continues to this day, having now been qualified for 7 months. The training was second to none. All the learning materials were provided from the start to enable you to learn at your own pace and the practical training was all done locally. The level of training was top notch, giving me all the information and tools to not just qualify as a ADI but have the confidence to get out there and teach learners a life skill, in some cases changing their lives in a big way. With all the great support and training from LDC I was able to pass my Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 exams first time.

Now 7 months into my new career, business is going great. My diary was full by week 3. This was done with the help of LDC-generated learners along with self-generated learners. The self-generated learners were gained with the advice and knowledge passed on by not only the LDC office staff, but also the larger LDC ADI community throughout the country via a closed group on social media constantly offering help, advice and tips. I am left to run my own business without being micromanaged however all the advice and help is there on the other end of the phone, drop of an email or through regular training days if you wish to attend. Not just for the teaching side of the job but running of the business too.

So if this is your chosen path, then I wouldn’t hesitate to call the office and get the ball rolling. In fact I have recommended LDC recently to a good friend at the end of his 24 years service – something I wouldn’t do lightly.

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Steve Wilcox – OX

SteveWilcoxDrivingInstructorReview“When I was looking for the right company to do my Instructor training with I was also looking for a franchise that would give me a professional image and provide good support to its franchisees and its students.

The main thing that attracted me to LDC was the personalisation of the driving school. The fact that I would have my own name and number on the car and also a personalised website was very attractive. At the time I felt it would help me to establish my own name for a few years and then I could go independent more easily. However the effectiveness of the website and the support I have received has made the monthly franchise cost worth paying and so I’m still here 5 years on!

Other key factors were the training materials provided for the learner, the LD System. This is an exceptional aid to training and coming from 30 years in business I realise the value of good course materials.

Another factor that has been of value is the flexible approach to instructors cars, the cost of the car rental is keenly priced and the mileage is generous enough for my situation with a higher than average mileage, the discounts for outright purchase are also very helpful and the option for instructors to source their own cars is another big differentiation.”

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Simon Adams – PE

The training I received has been second to none and I say that with the voice of authority, having trained and failed with another driving school some 9 years ago.

LDC is more than a business or training school; it’s a massive family who are always there at the end of the phone for help guidance, or just a chat.

Thank you all for helping me achieve my goals and giving me the chance to enjoy the best job in the world!

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Graham Lowe – TN

GrahamLoweDrivingInstructorStudent“When I decided to become a driving instructor I did a lot of research into the different companies. What made me look more closely at LDC was how they trained learners as I felt the LD System made sense to me and was the way I would have liked to have been trained so felt I could sell the benefits to others.

Before starting my LDC driving school I had a 3 day induction course at the head office which was invaluable in how to run your business correctly and professionally, and how to make the most of the LD System.

I have now been with the franchise for over 7 years now and it works perfectly for me. It allows me the freedom to build up my own reputation whilst having the benefits of their marketing expertise, brand name and most importantly the LD System as my USP to help me stand out from the rest.

Not only can I use the LD workbooks and DVDs but I can also sell them at a good profit, especially as they give me 50 LD workbooks a year worth £750 as part of my franchise agreement!“

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Steve Ford – TF

SteveFordDrivingInstructorStudent“When I had made the decision to become a driving instructor, like most people I looked into the various training options. LDC were the only training provider that seemed to consider whether I would be able to make it. The others seemed only interested in telling me how much money I could make and how their company could offer a discount off their fees. Only LDC offered a sensible and realistic approach to how long the training would take. I was given honest answers to all my questions.

Having passed the ADI exam the Induction Course was, as with all matters relating to LDC, of the highest quality. The Trainers, because they are ADI’s, were able to pass on their knowledge in a manner which was both informative and practical and it was nice to be able to put faces to the names.

I have been with the franchise for two years since passing Part 3. The materials provided to support me as an ADI, are second to none. The quality of the website is always commented upon by my learners.

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

Clive Turner – SY

CliveTurnerDrivingInstructorStudent2“I chose to do my driving instructor training with LDC because it was apparent to me that their programme is intended to prepare and assists you to become a successful instructor, with a viable business. It appeared that other providers were more focussed on making an income from their instructor training programme rather than facilitating an independent business plan for their potential franchisees.

After qualifying, and with 20 months of successful, enjoyable and profitable trading, I remain convinced that LDC have got it totally right. Their fees are modest and the ongoing support, advice and training make them undoubted value compared to their competitors.

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

Marie Haddon – WV

“I joined LDC after doing a whole load of research into all the different companies offering all sorts of promises and I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life.

Every day I drive on the roads with my pupils, displaying my LDC driving school logos and my name and I just want everyone to see its the best driving school in the country, because believe me Only the BEST will do for LDC.“

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

 Terry Pegg – SO

TerryPeggDrivingInstructorStudent“I will start by saying I had no idea what I was going to do beyond the military as I didn’t really excel at any real particular role. To be honest I didn’t fancy having my life controlled by another organisation. I wanted control over my own life, so I began to look for alternative careers while on resettlement. I came across a page with jobs as driving instructors and I thought that’s what I could do as I did very well at driving in the Army and I classed myself as a safe driver. The response I received from 3 of the schools was pushy and I didn’t have a good feeling about them. They didn’t inspire confidence in me. Only 1 of the 4 schools stood out. LDC driving schools.

LDC came across as professional and friendly and they didn’t try to force me into making a rushed decision. The girls in the office were friendly and enthusiastic and they answered every question I asked. After my initial contact with LDC I knew that this was the Organisation I wanted to be associated with. I received a welcome pack within a few days and the next chapter in my life had begun. From that moment I was 100% focused.

I now have a full diary every week and the support of a small team of other LDC driving school operators in my area. We have regular informal meetings to discuss new procedures and legislative changes etc. It’s like a family similar to the military but without the pressure.

Best school in the country by a million miles. I have never looked back, best decision I have made for a new career. I’m turning away sometimes 4-5 students a day because I’m very busy with a waiting list. If you want to be your own boss, manage your own diary, have a car personalised to you with a direct contact number and web address and have the support of a franchise for as little as £50 per week then LDC is the company for you. Give them a call and enjoy the same rewarding future that I now have.”

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

Siobhan Towell – PO postcode

Siobhan“I have always been interested in driving. Over the years, myself and my husband took opportunities to attend off road events including karting and track days (both in our own track prepared car and higher performance track cars provided to us).

When I was made redundant, I decided to take the opportunity for a career change and do something I was interested in and enjoyed and that’s when I decided to become a driving instructor. I did my own research, considering other companies, but each time they fell short of what LDC could offer me. This included cost, level of support, course material, style of training, particularly for the Part 3, where I was paired up with another trainee who lived locally to me (we both still work with LDC and are now good friends), and opportunities once I had qualified. LDC also prides itself on maintaining a personal, yet professional relationship with you.

The course material is professionally put together and follows a logical and methodical approach through the process. Initially we are expected to work through Part 1 on our own, but at any stage if I had any questions or needed clarity I could always phone the training department at head office for advise or visit the online Forum. My personal trainer for Part 2 and 3 was very thorough, explained everything clearly and listened to me!

I have now been fully qualified for nearly 5 years and continue to be part of the LDC brand. Yes, it means a financial commitment that needs to be budgeted into my expenses, but I feel it is worth it, both in terms of maintaining a high and professional profile not only on the road, but also online, by way of the main website, my website and the online resources both for me and my students..”

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

Gregory Worrell – MK

GregoryWorrellADI“I was first attracted to LDC from the informative website and the positive testimonials from LDC driving school instructors. My interview was relaxed and friendly. The ADI training and support has been excellent, and my local LDC tutor Richard was a first class trainer.

Having qualified I originally intended to join the company for one year before branching out as a private instructor. However, the company has been so affable and supportive that five years on I am still with them and for the foreseeable future. The franchise is unique in that the instructors’ contact details and my LDC driving school website are displayed on the vehicle as part of the standard franchise car livery. My pupils have found the LDC Driving Skills workbook, which is included as part of the franchise fee I pay, to be very useful.

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

Sevan Aghajanian – N (London)

SevanADI“When I first decided to become a driving instructor I researched the offerings from many driving schools, including all the major ones, and decided to join LDC. I have been a franchisee of LDC ever since. LDC did not present the least cost option but overall the best value.

On first contact, LDC felt friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. This is very important if you’re making a considerable investment and at a time when you feel vulnerable as you make a career change. The cost of failure is high and you need the advice and support of people you feel you can trust and who will do their best for you to succeed in your new career and business.

The first striking difference between LDC and others is their structured and transparent programme of instructor training so you know from the outset what you would be receiving in return for your investment and the approach that you would be using to teach learners once you qualified. Not only is this important as a yardstick as you train to become an instructor but also when you qualify and set up business to teach learner drivers. The organised and structured teaching methods and materials (the LD System) are invaluable in making your life easy as an instructor and also in presenting a professional image to the pupil, instilling further their confidence in you as a teacher.

The LDC culture is progressive and the company invests considerable resources in keeping teaching methods, materials and continued professional development courses at the forefront of the driver training industry. This was one of the significant factors why I decided to join and stay with the LDC. The driver training industry is highly competitive and continued development and change for the better are absolutely critical to remaining successful in this business.

Another significant factor for choosing LDC is the franchise model. Unlike other franchise offerings where you essentially melt into the amorphous pot of a large organisation as just another instructor, the LDC model allows you to operate as an independent instructor with your own website and freedom to source and retain the revenue generated from your own pupils, but at the same time have the expertise and muscle of a large organisation and the safety net of pupils sourced from LDC backing you. In the age of the internet, the website, social media and the advanced technology facilities provided by LDC are alone worth the franchise fee.

When you first set up business you are never sure whether you will earn sufficiently to cover your costs and make a living. Whereas other franchise operators require a high fixed cost base without the guarantee of pupil supply to cover the costs, the LDC cost base is relatively low and will only increase with the number of pupils they supply.  This is a tremendous help with cash flow and provides the peace of mind that costs won’t be high when business is slow.

So in summary, LDC is the perfect choice, you get a friendly crew who are there to support you and help you in your professional development and the growth of your business and provide you with the cutting edge technology and materials to compete successfully in this business at a cost that stays in proportion to the income you generate. What more could you want?!

If you are motivated to be successful you could not find a more supportive and progressive environment to train, develop and succeed than the LDC. I wholeheartedly recommend the LDC.”

Visit my LDC driving school website for more details about me:

Contact LDC

Helen1If you are potentially interested in offering top-notch student-centred learning using the unique LD System from your own franchised LDC driving school please give us a call on Free phone 0800 400 777 or email
franchise@learnerdriving.com to receive a call from Michelle our franchise manager.