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We have a dedicated team to help support you with work generation using traditional and non-traditional methods.

Unlike other national driving schools we don’t want you to be totally dependent upon us and therefore under our control – we want you to be in control of your own destiny. We hope you will eventually become self-sufficient at generating work by just doing a good job and by taking advantage of all the resources, “know how” and the leads we provide.

As the old proverb goes, ‘Give a man a fish, and he can feed his family for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he can feed his family for a lifetime’. This is very much the philosophy behind the LDC driving school franchise method. LDC is the only franchise which takes the trouble to do this – most others try to make you dependant upon them by controlling the supply of work.  We are keen for you to appreciate that this is a REAL franchise and you are the proprietor of your own LDC driving school business with your NAME being prominent and YOUR VOICE being heard.


As you will appreciate from the Tech Savvy section that follows a large part of marketing your LDC driving school is now done via the internet through our website and social media platforms as well as through your own LDC driving school website and social media pages. We also make extensive use of our software products and apps to direct work straight to you.

LDC have developed a much more modern approach to generating new pupils

Most other driving schools still heavily rely upon a conventional centralised website/call centre operation to deal with enquiries from potential new pupils. However, this is not how many young people find what they are looking for! By embracing new technologies, particularly where young adults are concerned, we are able to provide a constant supply of new pupils for our LDC driving school owners. For example our YouTube channel alone has over 145,000 signed up subscribers (i.e. fans/followers) and our videos receive in total over half a million viewings per month (over 30 million so far) – each with links back to our LDC driving schools – visit our YouTube channel and see for yourself LDCdrivingschools.

LDC YouTube channelSimilarly our Theory Test Apps and software products all have links back to our LDC driving schools as do the multitude of free resources we provide and all the other social media platforms we utilise. Therefore, with LDC the vast majority of your work will come straight to you without going through LDC first.


We also provide you with a range of resources and know how to generate business using more tradition low cost methods that can be equally effective (e.g. leaflet drops, posters, exhibition units, business cards etc). Once established over 95% of your work will be generated by the above activities or via recommendation straight to you (i.e. word-of-mouth) – until then we have a special top-up pupil generation service we can provide.

Importance of word of mouth


The most expensive way to generate new pupils is through paid for advertising. The least expensive way is via word-of-mouth recommendation. It is estimated that up to 70% of all driving lessons in the UK are purchased as a result of word-of-mouth recommendations. Therefore, 70% of the market is already sown up. This only leaves 30% of the market to be picked up by paid for advertising.  This is why we put so much effort into getting The Product right – i.e. YOU along with the methods, resources and support to back you up. Obtaining a slice of the paid for advertising cake is not only expensive but also very risky. This is why we offer a special extra top-up pupil generation service were you only pay for this additional work on a no work no fee basis. So if you need to generate new work quickly let us take the strain and the risks out of the equation with our central sales and marketing team.

Top-up pupil generation service

Although most of our marketing activities and franchise method is designed to direct enquiries and sales straight to you about 10% of all leads will go through the head office call centre sales team. The sales team are paid on results and their income is highly dependent on generating work, however, a sale is not made until you accept the work. You are not forced to accept work and there is no penalty for refusing to take it. If you do take this work a small fee is charged to help us recoup the costs of the additional advertising and sales costs incurred above and beyond that which is standard. For example, if a customers buys just one driving lesson we would keep that lesson fee but all subsequent lessons would be paid directly to you without deduction.


However, please remember unlike other driving schools over 90% of our marketing activity generates pupils direct to you and your LDC driving school website, Facebook and Google business pages – thus unlike with others you can quickly avoid having to pay pupil generation fees or high fixed franchise fees which incorporate this charge. Other driving schools just drive work to their main website/call centre and cut you out of the process thus making you totally dependent upon them. They also insist on managing all your pupils so that they can stop you taking them with you if you try to leave – this is not the case with LDC. Most other driving school franchises try to trap and imprison you making it difficult to leave or benefit from your own success – LDC does the exact opposite and relies on offering you value-for-money to encourage you to stay.

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