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Unlike most other franchises operating in the driver training industry we see you as a valued customer, not a anonymous drone to be controlled from the centre. This is a real business franchise owned and operated by you for YOU. You don’t work for us WE WORK FOR YOU.

We have one main guiding principle; what is good for us should be good for you and vice versa. In other words, we try to avoid any conflicts of interest. We are looking to form a symbiotic relationship (i.e. one that equally benefits both parties) where we are BETTER TOGETHER.

Lowest driving instructor franchise fees

We charge one of the LOWEST franchise fees of any national driving school. We operate a franchise where you only pay for what you need. As a result, we can offer a very cost-effective franchise that probably gives you the HIGHEST earnings potential of any other driving school franchise or indeed even when compared to operating on your own as an independent driving instructor.

We believe nobody can offer you better value for money, earnings potential or job satisfaction. We probably offer the best value for money franchise in the marketplace at only £50 per week (inclusive of VAT) and we are confident the majority of independent instructors in the UK would genuinely be financially better off with us – letting us take the strain of keeping ahead of the game. This fee includes the provision of over £750 worth of Workbooks and other products each year – therefore the fee for the franchise is really only £30 per week – the price of one lesson per week! This is without taking into account the ‘feel good’ factor of being part of a highly successful team on the cutting edge of driver training innovation charging the highest rates in the business.

Short contract term puts you in control

With LDC you need only commit to an initial period of 3 months paid for franchise followed by one months notice of your intention to leave.  This ensures we have to continue to provide good value for money or risk losing your business. Unlike other driving schools we do not commit you to a long term franchise agreement or harsh penalties should you wish to leave. For example the AA/BSM require you to commit to 1-2 years (i.e. over £20,000 in total).

Better than being independent

An instructor’s income after business costs can go from £22,000 per year for an average of 28 hours per week to £33,000 per year for an average of 38 hours per week assuming a lesson price of around £25 per hour. Therefore the last ten hours of any working week can have a dramatic effect on your income/profit. Hence, independent driving instructors whose business averages 28 hours per week would be significantly better off with LDC if we could help them to gain an extra 10 hours per week and thus increase their income to £33,000 per year. The extra £11,000 profit would easily cover our franchise fee (i.e. £2,600) leaving them £8,400 per year better off in this example. How much you would benefit from operating an LDC driving school rather than operating totally on your own will vary from person to person. However, the franchise need only help you gain an extra 2 hours per week (i.e. about 3 additional pupils per year assuming they took 32 hours each) to pay for itself. Similarly, if being on the franchise enables you to charge just £1 per hour extra again it virtually pays for itself. This is without considering all the other benefits and savings of being a franchised LDC driving school owner.

Highest driving instructor income potential

Enjoy more freedom with us and potentially earn much more than with any other national driving school franchise such as the AA, BSM or Red etc. If you followed our unique approach to business success (see Franchise elements 1-5) we could almost guarantee you will very quickly be too busy (just as 95% of our members are) and thus be able to increase your lesson prices and avoid discounted work from the office. And for every £1 increase in the lesson rate you would potentially generate an extra £2,000 to your bottom line (this increase alone would almost pay for the franchise).

Each LDC driving school set their own lesson rates and some charge much higher rates than other members (up to £6 per hour more in some cases) even though they operate in the same area. Each area has a recommended minimum hourly lesson rate which is agreed upon collectively by the LDC driving schools operating in any given area. New member’s just starting their own LDC driving school would normally charge this lower rate to begin with and it is this lower rate that is advertise on the main LDC website – so don’t think your earnings is limited by the prices you see there.

Save up to £5,000 per year with LDC franchise

The cost of operating and owning your own car might be as little as £50 per week or £100 per week if you included our weekly franchise fee of £50. Therefore, the weekly cost of the franchise including the car could range from £120 up to £155 per week depending upon the type of car chosen and whether you rented a car from us or sourced your own. The LDC driving school franchise can save you up to £5,000 per year in comparison with the other major national driving school franchises – do the sums and see what you would save.

Potential earnings example at a lesson rate of £30 per hour


  • 35 hourly lessons at £30 each equals: £1,050
  • LDC Materials Income: £10

Total Income £1,060


  • Car Rental with Insurance: £105
  • Fuel: £70
  • Franchise Fee: £50
  • Average top-up pupil fees: £10

Total Expenditure £235

PRE TAX EARNINGS £825 per week

Assuming you delivered 35 hourly lessons on average per week with 4 weeks holiday per year the above would be equivalent to £38,988 per annum with a typical new car rental fee and assuming a typical driving instructor insurance cost of £520 per year – around £10 per week.

Naturally, the above earnings potential will be proportionally lower or higher depending on the lesson rate you decide to charge or are able to command in practice. It would probably be unrealistic to expect this earnings potential in the first year of starting your business. However, it does serve to illustrate how to calculate your potential earnings as an LDC driving school instructor.

Earn £5,000 or more per year with an LDC driving school franchise

Below is a table illustrating what you might earn based on the same example above but with differing lesson rates followed by a comparison with a higher priced driving school charging up to £255 per week::

The reason earnings are so much lower with other driving schools is due to the much higher franchise fees and/or pupil generation fees charged, which is only made worse if their lesson rates are also lower than you could earn with LDC. Naturally if you use your own car this difference is even greater and you would increase your potential earnings by an extra £1,000 per year or more on top of those shown in the above example with LDC.

Earn an extra £1,000 plus per year use your own car

Best ORDIT Trainer deal


We offer one of the best ORDIT trainer deals in the business by training you to become an LDC ADI mentor and coach.


One off – Initial joining cost

To join LDC you will need to pay a one off fee of £690. This fee includes

  • £200 registration fee which covers all start up administration, your magnetic roof sign and personalising your car livery
  • £310 is to cover the cost of the 3 day franchise business and franchise start up course
  • £190 is to cover a 2 day LD System and Standards Check Test workshop

HelenSales150If you are potentially interested in offering top-notch student-centred learning using our unique LD System for learner drivers or  our Instructor Training Course from your own franchised LDC driving school and instructor training centre please give us a call on Free phone 0800 400 777 or email to receive a call from Stuart our quality control manager.